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We all have a vision of our dream life, and our best selves, the person we want to become. At times it can feel we are stuck in past patterns, or struggle to make the changes we deeply desire to make.

You are not alone...

I have worked through these blocks and found my way through a dark maze of different paths. I started over rebuilding myself, and my life step by step.

Now I support other's on their path to create significant change.

Ready to transform?

Together, we will work towards the intentions you have for yourself. Whether that is healing the emotional and energetic blocks, or develop a mindset that will aid you to achieving your intentions and vision. 

Female Community

the path to your best life


alignment &
in a safe space


We work together in exploring the change you would like to create, and where you would like to grow, either within yourself, or an area of your life. 

Transformation is possible. By building new ways of thinking, creating new patterns and behaviours, which will birth new outcomes.

Ready to create lasting change?

Solkemist Wellbeing


Change is possible.

You hold the power, we hold the space.

Feel empowered.

Feel connected.

Feel seen and heard.

10% of every sale will be donated to Women's Aid via Work for Good
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